About Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association (TSIA)


Association History

    Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association and the Transportation Machinery and Equipment originally belonged to the shipbuilding divisions of Keelung City Shipbuilding Association and Kaohsiung City Shipbuilding Association in Taiwan Province Transportation Equipment Association. At 1954, the members of shipbuilding divisions had increased to dozens. Therefore, Keelung City Shipbuilding Association and Kaohsiung Shipbuilding Association made the decision to merge together and applied for the establishment of the Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association to the Taiwan Provincial Government Social Department.

    After 1976, new yacht factories had increased significantly. Therefore, the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association was founded in February 1981 based on its own business. As the yacht and the ship factories can run the business of each other, so they are allowed to join these two associations when the factories are running these two businesses at the same time.


Industry Characteristics

    Shipbuilding is a highly technically integrated heavy industry. Shipbuilding design phase involves a high degree of science and technology. In marketing involved in huge amounts of money. As for the marine equipment, it involves a lot of industries. In addition to construct and maintain of commercial ships, it’s also a foundation of Defense Industry.


Product Categories

    This industry includes the ship product design, manufacture, maintenance, modification and research for improvement, etc. The main products are:


(一)Freighter: Ship of general transport of goods. For example, Bulk Ship, Container Ships, General Cargo Ship, Oil Tanker, Ocean Liners, Ferroconcrete Ship, Log Carrier, Refer Ship, etc. 

(二)Fishing Vessel: A fishing vessel is a boat or ship used to catch fish in the sea, or on a lake or river. For example, Trawlers, Seiners, etc. 

(三)Recreation Ship: Ship used in maritime recreational activities. For example, Pleasure Steamer, Yacht, Sport Fishing Boat, Underwater Sightseeing Ship, Rowing, etc. 

(四)Naval Auxiliary Vessel: Ship used for military service such as Frigate, Patrol Escort, Fast Attack Boat Missile, Submarine, etc. 

(五)Special vessels: including tugs, barges, engineering ships and other working boats, as well as police boats, traffic boats and so on.


Vendor Trends

    Taiwan shipbuilding industry has won worldwide recognition as a result of good manufacture quality, design flexibility, relative low constructing cost and fitness for ship owners when compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries.


Related Industry

    The shipbuilding industry related to a wide range of other industries, such as the machinery, aviation, chemical engineering, civil construction, MRT, nuclear power, high-speed rail, bridges, sea drone floating airport, Hydrocarbon exploration, offshore waste disposal plants, underwater engineering, communications and so on. As far as for the connection from upstream to Lower-Reaches Shipbuilding Industry, it means roughly the new ship market, for upstream, to cooperation equipment component production and suppliers. And the shipbuilding manufactories are responsible to the ship design, construction, system integrated, performance maintain warranty and so on.


The Main Tasks of TSBA right now

  • Invite our Government to develop a clear and effective shipbuilding industry developing strategy and to promote the implementation.

  • Urge our Government to actively implement the Indigenous Cruise policy.

  • Urge our Government to provide financial aid to the ship owners in order to encourage the domestic shipbuilding.